Funny how things happen!

In the Everyday Witchcraft book I’m reading, yesterday morning it said about Janus, a Roman God and that he is the god of beginnings and endings, and suggested to light a candle and ask for guidance and help to let go of anything that will hold you back. Now, as I have previously mentioned, it is not something I have done before, well not since Sunday School as a child anyhows, and my initial thought was why on earth would I do that, it’s a bit daft isn’t it, especially as I had never heard of this god before I read it! How many gods are there? In fact, I thought about it all day after reading it. When I got home from work, I decided I was going to try out a meditation on the treadmill (which was not related and I didn’t think worked as I’m used to hearing metal in my ears rather than the plodding of my feet and sounds of heavy breathing so all in all was a bit of a non starter). It was then after I finished on the treadmill I thought sod it, I will do that thing I read this morning. I’m all up for trying these new things out and as I prepare to publish old poems and diaries from more troubled times, I will no doubt have emotions rise so this might be a good thing to do as a kind of protection?

As many of the emotions will undoubtedly bring out a chuckle or maybe make me blush at my naivety with fun and laughter amidst some of fear and loss, I thought well I never ask ‘gods’ for anything but what have I got to lose with just me in the room hey? So there I was lighting a candle and as I did so trying to think of what to say to this ‘god’, all of a sudden these words came out without a thought so I quickly jotted them down & voila.

Nothing really, I just thought it was nice to share and thought to myself, funny how things happen.

May I call upon the God of Janus

To please help me put behind

The past and look to the future

With peace in my mind.

By the way, on the treadmill tonight, back to my metal, much better 🤘