Life & Diaries – An insight

I went up in my loft room tonight and pulled out an old JD Sports drawstring bag which had kept my diaries together for the past 20 years. It’s funny to think 10 years of my life is lost within these pages, 10 years I have not read back or looked at since I wrote that day so I will be uncovering and discovering along with you.

I reckon however I do this, I will start at the beginning and publish maybe a month at a time because that should probably be enough but if that seems too long, and please do say, I shall change to suit us all and see how it develops.

I have anonymised in my own way which may or may not make great reading in places but it is not about the people, it is more about how a young girl sees and thinks about life so I wish to make it really clear that these are my diaries as written 20+ years ago and not in any way shape or form about harming anyone and I will where necessary edit accordingly.

I also would like to add that I may not get to the end as it really does depend on how it unfolds, let’s see?

If you look at my Poems page, I may try to publish poems that were written at the same time to reflect a deeper understanding of what was happening in my head although I do recall, during some of the years when I got lost in a few beers, I then caught up with writing my diary a few days or weeks later and during that time there may be many drunken ramblings put into a form of poem!! You see, I call them poems as some really do have a structure however, some are just relentless thoughts scribbled down as they materialised which, to me, I also felt was a form of poem or an unwritten song without a chorus!

As the diaries come to light and the poems that accompany the months and years appear, I hope either page will also stand on its own.