My first ever poem!

When I was really young, I would say around 8, I wrote a little ditty (most probably as a result of my favourite film at the time, Annie) that stuck in my head & I was going to post up.

Then, while finding some more of my thoughts yesterday from over the years stuffed in a paper pack which reams of A4 paper comes in, along with notes on meditations going back to 1991, drawings, things I had on my walls in rooms/bedsits/college, poems, a Happy 16th Birthday banner my mum made for me & just things which meant something to me, I also found this poem, which begins with the little ditty I wrote back when I was 8!

I had forgotten that around 1997, I used my ditty or you could say, first poem, as the first verse and then made it into a full poem on bullying. Who would have thought at age of 8, my first ditty / poem would end up being a basis for a poem 15 years later and now another 22 years later, shared with others on my own blog site!

I’m Better Than You

It's just not fair
I've got long straggly hair
My clothes are all shaggy
My only friend is called Maggie.

My first big day
To the rest of my life
But no-one was to see
How it would all lead to strife.

The names being called
The hurt it all musters
But I keep it inside
It builds into clusters.

Now I am older
Experiences I've lived through
The hurt and the torment
Has still left me blue.

So if you poke that girl
with the ginger red hair
Remember my hurt
And my ongoing despair.