April 1988

01 – Went to Norwich with mum. Got two tops. At night went to leisure centre with mum and GF, GF’s working mate S and his girlfriend J. Great laugh. S&J came back for coffee and went at 1.15am. I can babysit if they want me to. That’s good.

02 – Went to Norwich and took a top back. Found out S got done for drunken driving last night. Got some more clothes under 2.99. Very good. Went to club at night and mum and GF had little argument. Mum went home halfway through the night. While walking home with GF he said that mum always gets angry at night at full moon and it’s full moon night.

03 – Easter Sunday – Got egg from GF but no card from mum. Doesn’t matter. Went to Cromer and places near all day. Good fun. Saw ships, boats, fish. Bought pottery ‘keep out’ pig sign, pair of cross earrings and a postcard for dad. Mum and GF had little argument on way back but it passed gradually. Mum still upset got home 10.15pm. Went to pubs.

04 – Went to disco at night at leisure centre with mum, GF, S&J. Met J. Won in raffle a big packet of liquorice allsorts. Good fun. Got home 12 midnight.

05 – Woke up at 9.30am then 12.10pm. Went down town 2. Posted dad postcard. Went to petshop and want a hamster. Mum won’t let me. GF said he will in July after my holiday. Mum agrees. Can’t wait. Mum, GF and I all feel sick a bit but mum and GF feel worst than me. Crash diet tomorrow.

06 – Went down today. Persuaded mum to get hamster for my birthday. She said she’d see. I think she will. Got Hi! Magazine and entered competition (cover girls).

07 – Went down town. Saw KC and he came and spoke to me. Went to Gang Show with J and C. Very good. Saw J in it and she was good. Some very funny parts in it and some cute kids. Went down club to meet mum and GF and came home at 11pm. Got Billy Idol 12” with money sent from GF’s mum and dad.

08 – Went round J’s in afternoon and she’s much more friendly now. I’m really glad and pleased. Went to leisure centre at night and they had a lady and man singing (country and western) very boring. Towards end man sang on his own cockney which was good. Won in raffle. Good night.

09 – 3.30pm leg wax. At night went to Barnham Broom Country Club and KC was working there. I really do like him now. He came over and spoke to us and if we join I might see him more. Good. 10.00 we went to conservative club. Didn’t win raffle. Very cold night.

10 – went to Barnham Broom to look round golf course. Couldn’t cause too many people. Stayed for a drink and saw KC. He gave me a drink. How kind! GF and mum had little argument about kind of job mum would like. Rang KC up and he said he’d ring me later.

11 – went to Norwich with mum. Had a nice day. Mum felt sick. Went round to S’s to get money for clothes and she said that she didn’t have any so her mum told her to give them back to me. So I’ve got some back. Mum and GF had an argument but I think it’s alright.

12 – Go back to school – Alright at school. Just like any ordinary day. J’s better towards me. Received letter from S. Posted dads birthday card.

13 – Good at school. Went to self defence class and really enjoyed. Don’t know whether to go again because mum said it wouldn’t help. Later on mum and GF had an argument and he grabbed her , she hit him and he nearly passed out. She stormed out and I got worried . She phoned up later and said she’d walked to Yaxham so GF went to find her. Later she told me she was ATTACKED at 17.

14 – Dad’s birthday – Love mum a lot and I’m going to change my lifestyle and be more careful. Hope dad enjoys his day. Told J about mum. J promised she wouldn’t tell and I know she won’t. Dad phoned. He sounded upset. KC put arm round me for longer than usual. J, I and KC will probably come round.

15 – Went to Cockney night. Would have been better if J was there but she wasn’t allowed to go.

16 – At night went to Barnham Broom. Saw KC. At 10 he came and sat with us and got a round of drinks free and sat with us for 2 hours. It was good fun. Mum and GF enjoyed it as well. During day went down town.

17 – Very sunny today. GF’s face has got really fat. He has an infection or an abscess on his tooth. Went to Lowestoft, Oulton Broads, Yarmouth, Caister today. On way back saw KC cycling. Went to Barnham Broom and phoned KC to see if he wanted to come down. He said he’d see, he hoped he can. He didn’t. Got rabbit with blue eyes today.

18 – Went to school. Came home at breaktime cause stomach and head aches. About 2.15 went to Barnham Broom with mum and had coffee and cake. KC wasn’t there. GF locked us out so mum broke a window. They had a big argument. I was scared again. Gave GF 2 talks and he hasn’t shouted since which is good.

19 – Went to school today. Felt a bit better. Missed ½ Spanish lesson cause K felt ill so I stayed with her. She went home. Spoke to KC. They’re all coming round Friday hopefully. Very tired today. Mum and GF had big argument when I was at school.

20 – Good at school. D’s gone hooray! Athletics good, ran 1500m (just under a mile) in 8.52 without stopping. KC put his hand in mine in CDT room which was good. Parents evening: Teachers like my work and just think I need to gain confidence and I’ve got the ability to do well. I have to practice drawing and painting though.

21 – Good fun at school. Lot better without D. KC said he’d come round for tea tomorrow straight from school. Dad rang and he was pleased about my report from parents evening. He seemed happier this time. Got 68% in maths exam (last term).

22 – KC didn’t come. Made up excuse. J & I came and we had good fun. Talked about spirits, ghosts, dreams etc. She liked my rabbit.

23 – Phoned up KC. He seemed not happy. I think cause I phoned up again. Stayed with J for the day. That was fun. She’s gone to cinema with P. I hope she enjoys it. Went out with mum and GF. Mum bought me earrings, broach and shades. Saw boy bleeding and it shook me up. I have a very bad stomach ache.

24 – Went to Boot sale with mum and SJ. I got a book on biology, a grey/cream striped skirt and a mug of Tottenham Hotspur for dad. Came home and GF had made tea. All garnishes and salad. Very nice. SJ stayed. Taped Top 40. Mum and Gf went out at night.

25 – J went to her nan’s funeral. I hope she’s alright. I stayed with J for most of the day. Good laugh in English.

26 – KC said ‘hello’. Wow! Went to CDT at lunch with J. Work is coming on well. H’s getting on my nerves again. She might be moving to Devon. I hope so. J is as well as can be expected.

27 – Good day today. Enjoyed it in Athletics. Did 200m sprint in 38 seconds. Finished CDT. I think I wished I didn’t stain it blue and just varnished it now. Saw KC but he didn’t say hello or anything. I really like him. Had brilliant dream last night. Wish it would happen. Can’t wait till it does (love).

28 – Good day at school today. Had a laugh with J. Saw KC but pretended not to. I think J might be getting a bit jealous because I like J more than I used to and I think that she might lose her. I doubt she will though. In mini maths test I got 18/22. Have to lose weight. I’m putting it on again. Dad rang and he likes letter I wrote him and Auntie Joyce.

29 – School was quite good. Mum picked me up and I had shower/hair wash and we went to Barnham Broom at 5.00. GF played golf. Mum and I had cake and drink. I watched the Squash. GF finished golf 7.00. . 7.30 and we had drink then went up to The Bell and had something to eat. Saw B (in my farm) quite good night. Very tired.

30 – Went to see 3 men and a baby. It’s very good. Going to see it when it comes to Dereham with J. Went to pub after. In afternoon mum and Gf had argument out of nothing. Mum was all het up. It’s getting on my nerves. Anything I do I get shouted at and I can’t tell anyone how I feel. They don’t think how it’s affecting me. They’re just glad mum from Op. So am I.