My First ‘Goth’ Poem

I gathered that if I wait to put poems up in line with my diaries, it may take a while before I put any up lol so decided, as this is the first poem I remember writing and being so pleased about that I stuck it on my bedroom wall every where I lived, I would make a start.

This poem I call my First Goth poem as it was written 26 days after my mum died and by this time, I was well and truly a goth! Yes the black clothes, black sharp nails, black makeup, back brushed and  hair all sprayed up. The Cure,  Spear of Destiny, The Smiths, All About Eve, Fields of The Nephilim all adorned my walls and walkman and I loved to hang about with my friends in cemeteries so, it only made sense to write in that mysterious dark deathly way. Surprisingly though, I was the only one that did not smoke, drink or get high! I suppose I thought my head was too messed up as it was and I didn’t like the effect alcohol had on people, I just had to remember the arguments my mum and GF had to know it was not the answer. Of course though, this changed as soon as I hit college a few months later!

On a more serious note I was feeling very lost and goth gave me a way I could express this and keep people at arms length, a match made in heaven for a grieving girl!

A Long Dark Winding Road You’ll Follow

Heavy Footsteps Echo Behind

I’ll Be There At The End To Greet You

But You Won’t See Me

You’ll Be Blind.