May 1988

01 – Went to con club today at lunch. Got terrible cold. Mum snapped again and cried in my bedroom. I’m dying to tell someone how I feel. Maybe I’ll tell J. Mum is getting me worried when she upset cause she said she wanted to put her hand through window. Thank god she didn’t.

02 – Day off school Bank Holiday Mon. Went to pub. It was good. No boot sales on. Cold was quite bad. At night watched Royal Variety Performance which was really good. Went to club after.

03 – Didn’t go to school. Cold bad. Went to doctors. Lady doctor very nice. She said my breasts should develop normally later and that I should have antibiotics for my cold. Watched tele at night and did my English essay at 9.30 and finished at 10.00. Sounds good. I’m knackered.

04 – Didn’t go to school. Felt very rough and had bad stomach ache. Started my periods at 2.55pm. It was a relief and not as bad as I expected. Mum was pleased. Gt Nannys moving to London in a couple of days. Going to school tomorrow.

05 – Period alright. It’s a bit heavy but fine. Told J, J, A, J, K. J & D had lovely time in Tenerife. I suppose I missed D a bit. Had a talk to J about how I feel (nervous) but she just said tell someone.

06 – Quite good at school. D came back. Went to leisure centre at night and stayed with J all night and played table tennis and on the machines. Few boys were up there. It was quite a laugh.

07 – Met J up town. Went to leisure centre. Saw P (I think J likes him). He’s alright but I don’t like him that much. Went shopping with J and her mum. Good fun. Very bored and pissed off at night. I’m dying to see, speak ,hear KC, I love him I know.

08 – Went to boot sale today. Got 3 singles for £1.00 Taped Top 40. GF bought me a comical badge. Went round J’s. Took dog out for a walk with her round town. Overall was a good day. I think I’ve nearly finished my first period.

09 – Good at school today. Went to squash club with D at night. Good fun. Changed my options and I’m going to NORCAT.

10 – Good today. Went up squash club with D straight after school. Mum and GF got me a 24” colour remote control tele at an auction for part of my present. I’m really pleased it works well.

11 – Good at school. Really enjoying school now. Got letter from S today. S is going in the army in October. He’s mad. Haven’t seen KC. I think he’s not coming in for some reason. God I wish he’d speak. Spent 2 ½ hours making cakes tonight. They taste good.

12 – Good at school. K said Hello. KC actually spoke to me. He wants me to ring but I don’t think I will if he can’t be bothered to ring me. Rang dad and I’m meeting him in Norwich on Saturday. Went up town with J. She came back. Finished period.

13 – Good at school. Talked about Ouija boards etc in RE. Went to town and got hamster. Named it smokey. It’s great. Went round J’s and watched film ‘Streets of Fire’. Really good. Actor Michael Pare was a hunk.

14 – Great today. Went to Norwich with dad and got a jacket, shoes, socks, skirt and shirt for birthday present as well as dinner out. Got pen from C,C&M in which I’m writing in. Saw few friends in Norwich. Came home and mums got a kitten. Named it Jasper. It’s sweet. Had good time playing with it.

15 – GF’s finished my wardrobe. Looks very nice. They were hardly talking today. Went up leisure centre and saw J etc. Good fun. Came home. Sunbathed.

16 – Good today. K is more talkative which is good. Gave I my cross for good luck in his ancient civilization exams. D came round mine and liked cat, hamster.

17 – Good today. D&P came round. Got a card.

18 – My 14th Birthday – Great today. Got cards from school. Went to see Godspell at night and it was fantastic. Got some autographs and I really liked Anthony. Good looking. Going to get soundtrack. Not much of a story but funny and serious sides of little morals. Good acting, singing and dancing. Great.

19 – Good at school. Absolutely enjoyed last night but I’m tired as anything.

20 – Good at school. J,I and J came round till 11.30pm. It was good. Got card from J&I. Cakes didn’t turn out well but buns did. I also did sandwiches, crisps, etc.

21 – GF’s mum and dad came down. Saw J and she came round mine then I stayed at hers the night.

22 – Stayed at J’s all day. Revised, went up J’s. I got a £2 record token for my birthday. Played tennis and baseball. KC, J & I went round J’s at night which was good but I don’t think J liked me staying with them while she revised.

23 – Had maths exam today. It was alright. Stayed in my lounge all night With Jasper. Did revision of physics and geography. Prepared English essay for Wednesday about Leeds Castle.

24 – Good at school. Geography, Physics and Spanish easier than I expected.

25 – Exams went all right apart from Chemistry. Rang up KC. Had long talk. Went for walk with J.

25/05/88 cont…

He said he couldn’t come on Thursday because he had to work. I said “I got a lovely card from J&I but not one from you”. He said “alright, I’ll get you a sorry it’s late one on one condition”.

I said “what’s that?“

He said “That you have a birthday kiss”

I said “alright then”, all pleased “Fatal Attraction is on again”

He said “I’ll take you to see it then”

I said “I’ve heard that before”

He said “No, I will if you find out when it’s on”

I said “Alright then, but what if you can’t make it!”

He said “I’ll take you to see something else then”

I said “alright, you’re on”

We then talked about school and exams etc

He said “what are you going to do now”

I said “go to bed”

He said “who with”

I said “no one”

He said “I don’t believe you”

I said “alright then, my rabbit”

He said “I still don’t believe you”

I said “thanks, what do you think I am”

He said “I don’t know” then I crossed out the following but you better not go to bed with anyone.

I said course not but then crossed that out and put “Thanks”

We then talked about motorbikes. He wants to see the photos.

26 – Mum and GF took Nanny and Grandad home. Miss talking to KC. All on my own for couple of hours. GF’s kids S&E came down.

27 – Good at school. Last exams today. CDT included lots of drawings. J was a bit off. I think it was cause of KC on Sunday. I hope it doesn’t

28 –Rang KC up and he might phone up later when he’s on holiday (he can’t cause hasn’t got my phone number)

29 – Went up Dereham swimming pool with kids in morning. Good fun. S wants to come and live with us. That’ll be good if he’s allowed.

30 – Went to Banham Zoo in afternoon. Really good fun. Miss KC a lot. I didn’t think I’d miss him this much. I’m quite jealous that he’ll be with J for a whole week. I wonder if him and K get back together.

31 – Went to Splash today. Really good fun. Waves were really good. Didn’t go on slide. Too long a queue. Went around 2.00pm came away about 6.30pm. I wonder what KC’s doing now.