Poems – An Insight

Tonight I have been up in the loft room and recovered my poems and ramblings which I found all stuffed in polypockets in an old college folder. They are packed in together roughly in groups which span 2-3 years. I have not read these in many years but on sifting through them it definately feels like the right time!

There is a lot of torment, anger, confusion and love within these papers, some written from age 14/15 and some written in the middle of the storm during college and early twenties, under the influence and raw!! Some I may just photograph as they are and others I may retype.

You see, I call them poems as some really do have a structure however, some are just relentless thoughts scribbled down as they materialised & often in a drunken realisation about life and the universe which, to me, I also felt was a form of poem or an unwritten song without any chorus! So, beware if you are a proper poet, for these may break all the rules heehee!

I reckon however I do this, I will start from my earliest poems and see how it develops as time goes on. If you look at my Life & Diaries page, you may also be able to link some things together with what was going on for me through the dates as I signed and dated (and sometimes timed) each poem. I am hoping as this starts to unfold, either page will also stand on its own.


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