Poems – An Insight

Poems laid bare Tonight I have been up in the loft room and recovered my poems and ramblings which I found all stuffed in polypockets in an old college folder. They are packed in together roughly in groups which span 2-3 years. I have not read these in many years but on sifting through them … Continue reading Poems – An Insight



Hello, I have been writing poems, ramblings and diaries on and off since I was 14 and now 31 years later, I have decided to share some of my original writings along with some new works which are as yet unwritten! I am a lover of music, theatre, books and film and through my life … Continue reading Why?

March 1989

01 – Went to school. Not doing much really depressed. God I wish I had a boyfriend. Changed over Art teacher. 02 – Went to school. Quite good I suppose. Really depressed still. I’m bored. 03 – Went to Tech. It was really crap again. Didn’t do much work. Learnt about posture. Went up Toftwood … Continue reading March 1989